A little about me...

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have called several wonderful places home. Growing up in beautiful and sunny South Africa, spectacular part of the world. We immigrated to Canada another beautiful corner of the world. From there I had an incredible opportunity to move to California for 13 years. Diversity in people, lifestyle as well as scenery, never a dull moment. Next, off to France for an incredible year, and even back to South Africa for a little over year. Though each destination holds a special place in my heart, Canada is home. The people and places are an absolute treassure. What a great opportunity to live and learn a little from each place. So many places to see and not nearly enough time.

I was fortunate to have two older brothers, a bro in the snow and had one in the sun. Dave was the oldest and lived in sunny South Africa. He had a sucessful backpackers right outside Kruger National Park. Even though he could be a bit difficult (as we all can), he was a fasinating, awesome guy and full of laughs. Miss you Dave! Richard, living the Great White North, eh. He has a fantastic sense of humour, absoltely brilliant with computers and almost any kind of technology. You'll never meet a better man! It was hard to get the three of us together but when we did it was never ending laughs.

Can't forget to mention wonderful friends. They are like the icing on a well decorated cake. Not only making it beautiful but also making it a little sweeter. Thanks to everyone for touching my life in so many ways, for accountability, encouragement and good times together.

Creative resumé

As a designer, I have had opportunity to create effective visual solutions for companies of all sizes. Conceptualize and design brochures, signage, displays, ads, tradeshow materials and other forms of collateral. Pitch creative ideas and marketing solutions. Collaborate with team members on new campaigns. Produce special design projects and new media such as presentations or videos. Edit and update all marketing materials. Manage deadlines and expectations for various marketing projects. Coordinate, design and implement materials for trade shows or events. Create and ensure brand guidelines are consistent in all marketing materials. WordPress editing and site development.

Marketing resumé

Support corporate initiatives with the planning, executing, and tracking of marketing campaigns such as email, event, social media, or content marketing. Research, create and edit content for various marketing campaigns, ensuring consistent branding. Support management and staff by updating marketing collateral. Investigate and collect research on new promotions. Increase / strengthen brand awareness.

Other experience

I am a problem solver at heart and strive to deliver the most effective solutions at the highest of standards. I have been successful in building the administrative, executive and technical aspects of a small business, and comfortable working independently or in a cohesive team, easily adapting to varied environments.